Yotam Wolk

Title: Jewish Agency Israel Fellow

Yotam is 26 years old, from Haifa, Israel and is the Jewish Agency Israel Fellow at Slifka Center. Yotam has served 3.5 years in the IDF as a commander and main instructor at an anti-aircraft PATRIOT firing platoon and continues to serve in that role in reserve duty. Upon his release from the army, Yotam, through the Jewish Agency’s summer camp program, became a counselor at Camp JRF in South Sterling, PA, where he was also head of sports, head of Israel education and unit head. In 2015, Yotam moved to Jerusalem to begin his studies in international relations and communications at the Hebrew University, as well as joined the Jewish Agency’s summer camp program as a logistical coordinator and part of the screening and training staff for future Shlichim (emissaries) to various camps in North America. Yotam spent 3 years with the Jewish Agency, working with both new and returning Shlichim.
Yotam loves sports of all kinds, mostly basketball and soccer, and he is also a basketball journalist through social media in Israel. He enjoys music, Netflix, reading and photography.