Every week, students leave the stressful week of classes behind and come together to enjoy another wonderful Shabbat at Yale. Reform (5:45pm), egalitarian (5:45pm), and Orthodox services meet every Friday night and include student-led prayer, song, and teaching. Click here to see candle-lighting times in New Haven, CT.

At 7:00 pm, the entire community joins together in the Slifka Center Dining Room.  A Slifka Center staff member delivers a D’var Torah and then all enjoy a family-style Shabbat meal,  followed by communal singing, a speaker, or a “Kiddush club”—a social gathering hosted in a student’s suite.

On Saturday morning, the Orthodox Minyan and the Egalitarian Minyan meet. Following services is a communal kiddush, and then lunch, always featuring delicious cholent, a traditional beef stew. After lunch, many students sing traditional Shabbat songs and generally enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the day.



September 26, 2018