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What to Expect

Every week, students leave the stressful week of classes behind and come together to enjoy another wonderful Shabbat at Yale. Reform (5:45pm), egalitarian (5:45pm), and Orthodox services meet every Friday night and include student-led prayer, song, and teaching. Click here to see candle-lighting times in New Haven, CT.

At 7:00 pm, the entire community joins together in the Slifka Center Dining Room, hosted by the Yale Hillel’s student Co-Presidents. All are welcome for a festive family-style Shabbat meal,  followed by communal singing, a speaker, or an “Oneg Shabbat”—a social gathering hosted in a student’s suite.

On Saturday morning, the Orthodox Minyan and the Egalitarian Minyan meet. Following services is a communal kiddush, a short shi’ur or class presented by a student or one of our Rabbis, and then a festive Shabbat lunch. After lunch, many students sing traditional Shabbat songs and generally enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the day.

Our Orthodox Minyan meets towards the end of the day for Shabbat Mincha, a festive Se’udah Shelishit (third meal), followed by Ma’ariv and Havdallah signaling the end of Shabbat.

How to Join us for Shabbat Meals

For those on a Yale meal plan, Friday Shabbat dinner, Shabbat lunch, and Se’udah Shelishit can be paid for by a Meal Plan Swipe. Guest Swipes may be used for these meals. Shabbat-friendly ID cards can be prepared ahead of time for this purpose – please contact our Office Manager, Margarita Nieves, [[email protected]] for assistance. Please be aware that Slifka already subsidizes these meals. We are pleased to offer complimentary Shabbat meals for current Yale students not on a meal plan. In order to make sure that we have enough food on hand, we strongly encourage those
participating in this program to RSVP by the preceding Thursday at 4:00 pm.

Those NOT on a meal plan can choose from the following options

  1. Students not on a meal plan may register for free Shabbat meals on our Shabbat Registration Page by before 4pm on the Thursday prior to the meal. Spouses and Children of current Yale students are $5, with registration before 4pm on the Thursday prior to the meal.
  2. Non-Students; Regular Registration for Shabbat: $18 for Friday Shabbat dinner and $13 for Shabbat lunch with RSVP before 4pm on the Thursday prior to the meal. Children under 12 are $9 for dinner and $6.50 for lunch, and children under 3 are complimentary.


  • Payments may be submitted by credit card (at under “Shabbat”) or using Eli bucks.
  • Yale affiliates who wish to request financial assistance may submit a written request to Uri at [email protected].


Email Margarita Nieves – Slifka Center’s Office Manager – at [email protected]