Slifka Center Weekly Dining Menu


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January 26-Feb 1, 2020


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Lunch Soup *Hearty Chicken stew *Carrot ginger * Mulligatawny *Split pea *Matzo ball
Lunch Entree Bagels

Assorted cream cheeses

*Lox with toppings

Vegan spread

Vegan lox


Egg salad

Gluten free bagels available


Sweet chili tofu

*Egg noodles

*Braised carrots and raisins


*baked Pollock gremolata

*Rosemary polenta

*Mushroom herb strata


*Lemon broccoli

Baked tilapia pommery
Vegan pumpkin curry

*Green rice

*Sweet potato fritter

*Roasted zucchini and tomato

Crispy tofu

Lemon baked Pollock

Potato zucchini latkes

*Toasted farro and kale risotto

*Squash and thyme

Green peas

Whole wheat macaroni and cheese with peas

*Salmon filet

*Lemon rice

*Green beans

Glazed carrots


Action Station

No action station Stir-Fry Night

*Chicken, tofu, broccoli, snap peas  mushroom, onions , celery  peppers, rice


*Seasoned Beef, *vegetable

*,Ranchero beans, *peppers, onions Fresh salsa

Chicken Tenders

*Fried Portobello mushroom

French fries

Assorted sauces

Poke bowl

*Flaked Salmon, tofu

Rice, soba noodles, carrots, radishes, kimche,

Choice of dressing

* Shabbat dinner

Served family style


*Black eye pea stew

*Rice pilaf with kale

*Sautéed squash and


Dinner Entrée Two cheese baked pasta

*Channa Dal

*Basil & Mint Basmati Rice

*Roasted Cauliflower & Red Pepper

Chicken coq au vin

*Vegetable quiche

*German potato salad

*Sautéed  zucchini and

*Yellow squash

Green beans

*Pistou Salmon

*Mushroom herb strata

*Vegetable pilau rice

Edamame succotash


*Pesto sauce

*Marinara sauce


*Whole wheat penne pasta

Chicken etoufee

*Toasted farro and kale risotto

*Roasted red potatoes

*Roasted parsnips

*Autumn roasted vegetables

Caesar salad

Challah bread

Dinner Soup Hearty chicken stew Carrot ginger Mulligatawny Split pea * Shabbat dinner

Served family style

No action station