Slifka Center Weekly Dining Menu


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 Sept 22-28, 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch Soup Chunky vegetable(vg) Beef vegetable Split pea(vg) Tomato basil(vg) Minestrone(v)
Lunch Entree Challah Brunch Pistou Salmon

Lentil Shakshouka

Summer succotash

Roasted root vegetables

Blacked tilapia

Curry eggplant and tofu wrap

Cauliflower mash

Steamed broccoli

Corn escabeche

Pollock with tomato olive jam

Muffalata vegan sandwich)

Black beans and rice

Sautéed okra

citrus dill white fish

Vegetable lo mein with tofu

Wild rice pilaf

Steamed green peas

Aji’s Mexican

fish taco

, impossible

taco meat(vg)

mexican toppings (v)


Action Station

No action station Pasta bar

Bolognaise Sauce

Marinara sauce

Pesto sauce

Assorted vegetables

Rice bowl

Seasoned beef


Hardboiled eggs


Assorted vegetables

chicken tender bar

french fries (v)

assorted dips (v)

Noodle bowl

Seasoned beef


Hardboiled eggs


Assorted vegetables

* Shabbat dinner

Served family style

Honey chicken thighs

Lentil stew(vg)

Roasted sweet potato(v)

Zucchini and  tomato

Dinner Entrée Roast chicken

Quinoa stuffed Portobello mushroom(vg)

Onion rings

Roasted potato

Butternut squash

Roasted vegetables

Chicken wings


Roasted potato wedges

Kale Caesar salad

Chipotle Turkey

Vegan meatloaf(vg)

Carrot and sweet potato hash

Steamed green beans

Braised green peppers(v)



Bolognaise sauce

Impossible Bolognaise sauce

Kale salad


Roast beef

Chickpea chop steak(vg)

Rice pilaf with spinach

Roasted vegetables

Lentil and kale(vg)


Apple spinach butternut squash salad

Dinner Soup Chunky vegetable Beef vegetable Split pea(vg) Tomato basil