Slifka Center Weekly Dining Menu


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Nov 10 – Nov 16, 2019

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Lunch Soup Navy bean Chicken noodle Tomato basil Manhattan corn chowder Matzah ball
Lunch Entree Scrambled eggs

Challah French toast

Home fries

Vegan hash

Tofu scramble

Sweet noodle kugel

Pumpkin bread

Fresh fruit

Italian chicken

Red wine mushroom sauce

Crispy tofu beets and butternut squash

Herbed penne pasta

Stewed tomato

Meat loaf

Mashed potatoes

Vegan lentil balls



Tilapia piccata

Pasta  non dairy alfredo

Roasted egg plant penne

Roasted cauliflower

And red pepper

Mushroom and spinach

Honey mustard Salmon

Mushroom pilaf

Roasted sweet potatoes

Vegan meatloaf


Fried Pollock

Cheese ravioli with vodka sauce

Cauliflower grits


Action Station

No action station Beef, tofu, broccoli, snap peas  mushroom, onions , celery  peppers, rice Seasoned Beef , cumin chicken, vegetable

,Ranchero beans, peppers, onions Fresh salsa

Chicken tenders

French fries

Assorted sauces

Falafel, tahini, baba ganoush, chopped tomato, chopped cucumber, shredded lettuce, pita,

Lentil shakshouka , rice

* Shabbat dinner

Served family style

Chicken Cacciatore

Spinach Mushroom Kugel

Mushroom risotto

Roasted cauliflower

Dinner Entrée Pizza bagel


Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, onions, green peppers,

Tuna, fried eggplant ,olives, spinach

Chicken curry

Crispy tofu,


butternut squash

Jasmine rice

Beef burgundy

Vegan lentil balls

Carrot and sweet potato hash

Cauliflower grits

Wild rice

Whole wheat pasta

semolina pasta

Vegan bolognaise sauce

Pesto sauce


Homemade meatballs

Chicken Marsala

Vegan meatloaf

Roasted potatoes

Italian Green beans with red pepper

dill carrots

Spinach, Farro and Butternut squash

Challah bread

Dinner Soup Navy bean Chicken noodle Tomato basil Manhattan corn chowder * Shabbat dinner

Served family style

No action station