Slifka Center Winter Recess Building Hours


December 19, Wednesday: 7am-9pm (last day of finals, kitchen closes after dinner)

December 20, Thursday: 9am-5pm

December 21, Friday: 9am-4pm

December 22, Saturday: 9am-1pm

December 23-28, Sunday-Friday: building closed

December 29, Saturday: 9am-1pm

December 30-January 1, Sunday-Tuesday: building closed

January 2-3, Wednesday-Thursday: 9am-5pm

January 4, Friday: 9am-4pm

January 5, Saturday: 9am-1pm

January 6, Sunday: building closed

January 7-10, Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm

January 11, Friday: 9am-4pm

January 12, Saturday: 9am-1pm

January 13, Sunday: building closed

January 14, Monday: spring term begins. Slifka returns to regular hours, 7am-11pm every day. Kitchen opens for breakfast.



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