Who we are:

JGAP [Jewish Graduate students And young Professionals] is a non-denominational and pluralistic social community of Jewish professionals and graduate students in their 20s and 30s in the New Haven area. We include students, partners, Yale staff and faculty, and others who want to get involved. There are no membership fees, but some of our more expensive events do cost a small amount of money.

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale funds the organization, but an open committee of volunteers plans all of the events. There are currently six defined positions on the committee held by specific people (three programming chairs (ritual, social and cultural), the communications chair, the treasurer and our fundraising chair), but the JGAP committee is fluid and open to anybody who wants to come help plan events. We are always looking for new people to help out!

What we do:

JGAP sponsors $8 Shabbat dinners every week of the academic year and $8 Cheap Eats dinners every Wednesday at Slifka. Beyond these regular happenings, JGAP puts on a wide range of religious, social, and cultural activities. While we know that not everyone will want to come to every single one, we hope that everyone can find something to connect to and get involved with.

Nuts and bolts:

We send out emails once weekly (on Tuesdays), and reminders on the day of larger events. Please join our mailing list here.

With a view to being as inclusive as possible, we try to plan events that are as kosher-friendly as possible. While we can’t always get strictly kosher food, we work hard to make sure that there are kosher options whenever possible. At our potlucks, all food must be either hekhshered dairy or made with vegetarian ingredients, and will be clearly labeled as such. Similarly, we try to make sure that there is a vegetarian option at events featuring meat. For events involving food that are not potlucks, we try to specify what type of food is available in the event information, as well as its kashrut status. If you have any questions about what type of food will be available at any event, please to do not hesitate to read labels carefully, and/or contact the event organizer or the appropriate committee chair.

While we try not to plan events that exclude those members of our community who observe Shabbat, Shabbat observance is also never a requirement, nor expected, from those who participate in our events. We will make sure to clearly describe any event that happens on Shabbat so that JGAPpers can decide for themselves if they want to participate.

You can also join the JGAP Facebook page.

Contact Juli Goodman for more information.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support JGAP programming.  Click here to make your online gift or contact Slifka Center’s Development Manager, Jennifer Rogin Wallis at [email protected] or 203-432-7376.